AVM FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX Wi-Fi repeater 3000 MBit/s 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz Mesh support

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AVM FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX Wi-Fi repeater 3000 MBit/s 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz Mesh support
78 ,15 €
VAT included
plus shipping
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    More WLAN range for all connected devices
    Innovative Wi-Fi 6 designed for a demanding home network with a wide range of WLAN devices
    Support 160 MHz wide channels for an ultra-fast WLAN with up to 3,000 MBit/s (WLAN AX)
    Two radio units for ultra-fast transmissions in the 5 GHz band (up to 2,400 MBit/s) and highest range in the 2.4 GHz band (up to 600 MBit/s)
    For very high demands (e.g. parallel 4K streams) in a home network with fast Internet connection and several WLAN devices used simultaneously
    Wi-Fi Mesh: Multiple wireless access points are combined into a single intelligent Wi-Fi network with optimal performance
    Intelligent automatic band selection (cross-band repeating)
    Automatic transfer of the existing WLAN encryption of THE FRITZ!Box


    Ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 in the entire home network
    THE FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX quickly and easily increases the range of each WLAN. Innovative Wi-Fi 6 provides for higher data rates and a better distribution of the available bandwidth to all connected devices. At the same time, THE FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX provides for a perfect radio coverage up to the last angle of the house and apartment.

    With Wi-Fi 6 optimal WLAN for all devices
    The new standard Wi-Fi 6 takes into account the growing number of WLAN devices. From smartphones, tablets, PCs, 4K TVs and speakers to smart lights, more and more devices are being used simultaneously in the WLAN. Thanks to Wi-Fi 6 with two radio units, data rates of up to 3,000 Mbit/s (2,400 Mbit/s / 5GHz + 600 Mbit/s / 2.4 GHz) can be achieved. Wi-Fi 6 also provides for a better division of the available bandwidth. Older smartphones or notebooks also benefit from the performance of THE FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX.

    Perfect in Wi-Fi mesh
    In the WLAN mesh, several distributed WLAN access points (e.g. FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater) are combined into a single intelligent WLAN network. The distributed FRITZ! Devices exchange with each other and optimize the performance of all WLAN devices. Intelligent technologies such as cross-band repeating, band steering and the extended auto-channel ensure optimum WLAN supply at all times. Thus, the best connection is always established where it is needed. Streaming, gaming, and downloads are seamless, with maximum speed to the last corner of every room. The entire WLAN has only one name, one password and is securely encrypted.

    Maximum safety and comfort
    State-of-the-art encryption standards guarantee the security of privacy throughout the WLAN mesh. The housing LED allows you to determine the optimum position of THE FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX by displaying the radio signal strength. The repeater is conveniently plugged into an electrical outlet, connected at the touch of a button and automatically added to THE FRITZ!Mesh. A Gigabit LAN connection is available for ultra-fast NAS connection, a LAN bridge or the connection of a network device without WLAN function.


    Ultra-fast Gigabit LAN connection for setting up a LAN bridge or for network devices without WLAN function
    Support for the latest WPA3 security standard and encrypted connections in the public WLAN hotspot (OWE)
    Simple and secure installation by pressing a button (WPS)
    Support of the WLAN guest access of FRITZ!Box
    Determine the optimum location by LED display of the connection quality or using THE FRITZ!App WLAN
    Energy saving through night service for WLAN and ECO mode

    Delivery content

    FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX + Quick to print user guide + Slim Ethernet cable + Adapter Euro- to Schuko-plug (pre-mounted)


    AVM, 20002974, FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX, wal amplifier, wifi amplifier, wifi repeater

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