Crucial PC RAM kit Ballistix Sport AT BLS4C8G4D30CESTK 32 GB 4 x 8 GB DDR4 RAM 3000 MHz CL 17-19-19

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    32 GB (4x 8 GB) DDR4 RAM
    Clock rate 3000 MHz
    Voltage 1.35 V


    Expand RAM now. RAM expansions are usually the best way to give laptop performance a significant boost.

    The game force multiplier
    Add Your System Ballistix Sport AT-memory, and increase your gaming performance. With your arsenal of RAM density and speed will help you sport AT DDR4 modules, the fast, smooth performance, you need to successfully implement your game goals and build authority Play as a master and perform with the ballistix sport at memory upgrade.

    Module densities of up to 16 GB, DDR4 speeds up to 3,000 MT/s
    Almost immediate performance and responsiveness while playing help your machine from a computer in a deadly device to convert.

    Battle-tested design
    Style meets substance, so that your system looks good, as well as playing well.

    Simple Plug-and-play installation
    XMP 2.0 profiles make the installation of modules quickly and easily.

    Ideal for beginners and experienced gamers
    Sports AT-modules have the look and the specifications, in order to fulfill their missions, no matter whether you are a simple soldier or a general are.

    Battle tested for ASUS ® TUF Motherboards
    Add a memory, especially for ASUS TUF gaming setups developed and is recommended.


    Crucial, BLS4C8G4D30CESTK, Ballistix Sport AT, N/A, BLS 4K8G 4D 30 CESTK, main memory

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