SCH.E.I.D.L Starterpaket Multi-channel data logger -50 up to 125 °C

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    4-channel measurement data logger in a modular system
    Electricity, heat and climate data show correlations in the entire system
    Network with web-interface for remote access or company
    Several years of recording, thanks to the very large data storage
    Wireless and cable sensors
    Fully automatic installation and expansion during operation


    The E.I.D.L Energy Controller as a multi-data logger switch is an innovative measuring device for long-term monitoring of all types of systems, such as heat pumps, condensing boilers, CHP, solar thermal, photovoltaic as well as building services and consumers. As a building management system (BMS) captures the entire system and shows that the function or relationships between temperatures and energy costs. Recorded climate data allow the preservation of the values in museums, greenhouses, storage, food or the structure itself through detection of mold, condensation water and flooding.
    As a modular system, the logger by easy to install new sensor different measuring values on a web interface. Monitoring via Internet Remote Access is thus very easy to set up without the help of an administrator.
    Wireless sensors are connected to each other and give readings reliably and encrypted.
    Wired sensors are simply plugged into one after the other as a chain, which significantly accelerating the installation.
    The measuring data logger stores all measured values and sends no data to a cloud-even a completely independent operation, e.g. in a company network is possible without a server.
    To this starter pack are additionally external sensors and bus cable is required, see accessories. For wireless sensors, is unique the uzb 1 USB-Stick Z-Wave 1494106 is necessary.


    Web interface for browser on PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone
    Instruments show current measured values for operators course at
    Diagrams With Zoom allow depth function analysis
    Customizable display of web pages
    Remote access via the Internet.
    Security with strong encryption, Firewall, backup and updates
    Software, web server, and database is integrated in the device, no cloud, no server, no software, no additional costs
    For example, Office, Excel Spreadsheet Export for
    Alarms when measured values are exceeded or fallen below via email or SMS
    Multiple user accounts with different indications and alarms
    Long-term recording season across
    Automatic extension through new sensors in operation
    Automatic installation of the network
    Several Busmaster for cable sensors
    Wireless extension allows wireless sensors
    LAN socket for Ethernet
    Robust Temperature Sensor, plug-in, silicone cable, it is absolutely maintenance-free
    For snapping onto DIN rail

    Delivery content

    SCH. E.I.D.L Energy Controller + Euro-plug power supply 230 V + Ethernet cable + Assembly instructions + Authentication sheet


    External sensor via radio or cable connection · Computer with browser · LAN Ethernet socket · 230V AC


    SCH.E.I.D.L, 260200, Starterpaket, logger, data logger, measurement data logger

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