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55271 H0 Piko A Point electric motor

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    Profile height 2.5 mm
    Exactly engraved wooden sleepers
    Slim solid profile rails


    The special thing about the PIKO A track geometry is that it gets by with very few track elements and the model railroader does not have to install compensating pieces at switches or crossings, which can always lead to an uneven run of the model railway. The module length of 470 mm is divided in a straight line into two tracks of different lengths of 231 mm and 239 mm. This is the secret to being able to drive on parallel tracks over two points without compensation pieces.
    The PIKO A track profile consists of a high-quality nickel silver alloy and is a full profile track with ideal current-conducting properties even on long distances. The spring steel rail connectors provide a durable and firm hold and ensure a good current transfer at the rail joints. The sleepers are made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is characterised by its high impact strength, good sound absorption capacity and resistance to stress cracking.


    4015615552710, Piko H0, 55271

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