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ABUS GRWM30500 Smoke detector incl. 10-year battery battery-powered

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    Optical smoke alarm according to DIN EN 14604
    10 years battery life - warns of weak battery
    3 V lithium battery, permanently installed


    Timely warning of life-threatening fire smoke. More than 500 people in Germany die every year from the consequences of a fire, 95% of them from toxic smoke. As the sense of smell also sleeps at night, most people only wake up when it is too late: the dense smoke makes them lose their bearings and they can no longer get to safety in time - the toxic smoke gases lead to unconsciousness after only three breaths - and to death within a short time. Most fires are not caused by negligence: technical defects such as cable fires are among the main causes that can occur at any time without warning.
    The photoelectric ABUS smoke alarm detects even the smallest smoke particles and warns residents with a loud alarm at an early stage and effectively before a fire develops. The detection range of the smoke detector is up to 40 m² and is limited to the room in which it is installed. For optimum protection, one smoke detector per corridor, staircase, living room and bedroom is recommended. Unwanted alarms (caused by disturbance variables such as dust or water vapour) can be easily and uncomplicatedly muted by pressing the large-area test button.
    Important information on installation and battery life. In apartments, bedrooms and children's rooms as well as corridors leading through escape routes from common rooms must each have at least one smoke detector. The smoke alarms must be installed (or installed) and operated in such a way that fire smoke is detected and reported at an early stage. A permanently installed 3 V lithium battery guarantees reliable operation and long service life of the smoke detector. The correct functioning of the detector should be checked regularly by pressing the large test button. Malfunctions or a weak battery are signalled acoustically and optically.


    Recommended locations: Bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms and corridors - 10 year battery life - Warns of low battery level - 3 V lithium battery, permanently installed - Reliably warns of life-threatening smoke - Large test button for manual self-test and test alarm - Complies with European product standard EN14604.


    Please note that the battery is permanently installed in this device and cannot be replaced.


    Smoke alarm + fixing material + operating instructions.


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