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Philips OneBlade QP2520/30 Shaver, Beard trimmer Washable Light green, Dark grey

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  • Product description


    Cuts only the hair, not the skin
    3 attachable trimmer attachments
    Rechargeable, wet and dry shave
    Contour following technology


    Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new hybrid Styler, the hair any length Trimming, shaving and clean edges forms. Never again several devices and work steps - OneBlade takes over everything.

    Unique one blade technology
    Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary and new technology, which has been developed for men with beard and different beard styles. OneBlade is suitable for trim and style as well as to shave every beard hair length. The unique OneBlade has a quick cutter (200 times per second) with two-fold protection system. This provides for an efficient and comfortable shave, even with a long beard hair. OneBlade cuts not too close to the skin, so that they remain intact.

    Trimming the quadcopter
    Trim your beard trimmer attachments with one of the 3 on a perfect three-day beard. 1 mm for an easy Stoppelbart, 3 mm for a medium-long hair and 5 mm for a long three-day beard.

    It provides you with the two-sided blade for precise lines in your style. You can shave in any direction, in order to ensure an optimal vision and each individual hair that you want to cut in the view. The shave, even on sensitive skin pleasant, so that you can quickly and easily in just a few seconds your beard styling.

    OneBlade cuts not too close to the skin, so that they remain intact. Move the shaver against the direction of hair growth, shave every beard hair length, and thereby retain a pleasant skin feeling.

    Contour Adjustment
    OneBlade follows the contours of the face, so that you every area of your face in an effective and pleasant way Trim, shape and shave.

    Forms the perfect edges and precise lines with the double-sided blade
    Move the blade in each direction and styling as edges and clear lines.

    Uniform Designer stubble comb attachment with 1, 3 or 5 mm
    Insert one of the attachable trimmer attachments to uniform results in the desired length.

    Long-lasting OneBlade
    The blades are specially designed for a long lasting performance. To ensure optimum performance, you must replace the blade only every 4 months. The exchange is very easy and without effort.

    OneBlade is waterproof and can be cleaned easily: simply rinse it under the tap. You can also as desired with or without foam shaving.

    Long-Life Battery:
    The rechargeable battery offers after 8 hours charging 45 minutes-resistant styling performance.


    100/240 V
    Display: charging status display
    Ribbed rubber handle

    Delivery content

    1 x Philips OneBlade QP2520/30 + 3 x attachable trimmer attachments + 2 x blades + 1 x protective cap + 1 x power supply + User manual.


    Philips, QP2520/30, OneBlade QP2520/30, hair trimmer, beard trimmer

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