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Gardigo Fly Scare 25157 Insect repeller (W x H x D) 80 x 250 x 80 mm Black 1 pc(s)

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    With shimmer stripes on the wings
    Decorative pyramid design


    The fly scare for the table!
    What disturbs you the most while eating and spoils your appetite? That's right. Flies, wasps, etc. that buzz around and on the food, of course coming directly from the compost.
    It doesn't matter how often you want to scare the flies away with your hand, the annoying insects can only be deterred for a short time and always come back to the table. It's simply unappetizing when, for example, flies are already on the salads or barbecue food before the summer garden party opens at a buffet. One must constantly pay attention to driving away the flies and cannot even devote oneself to the delicacies.

    An innovative solution is this fly tedler!
    The decorative pyramid permanently and conscientiously dispels the flies. Place the unit in the middle of the table and switch it on. The wings begin to rotate, waving the flies away from the table into the distance. The shimmer stripes on the wings have an additional defensive effect.


    With shimmer stripes on the wings · Decorative pyramid design · Firm · On/off switch · Wing span 400 mm


    Batteries not included.

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    Gardigo, 25157, Fly Scare, Fly weiler, Wedler, fly expeller

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