Gigaset A415A schwarz DECT, GAP Cordless analogue Answerphone, Hands-free Black

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    4.6 cm (1.8") large, illuminated graphic display
    Answering machine with 20 min. Recording time
    Telephone directory for up to 100 entries
    Comfort hands free


    Treat yourself to modern comfort
    For the daily incurred telephone calls have a simple operation and a solid conveniences of a telephone absolute priority. Meet the Gigaset A415: a modern, super-comfortable cordless phone. Experience the best readability of the high-contrast display with black text on a white background. Up to 100 names and numbers can be in a practical phone book store. Enjoy telephone calls in brilliant speech quality.

    Easy to use and readability.
    The cordless telephone Gigaset A415 is characterised by its design and a comprehensive features. Even under poor light conditions, the large, high-contrast display best readability. Functions such as the lights and flashing of the 'Lift handset' button, when there is an incoming call and an illuminated message button, the new messages, signals, make the phone particularly user-friendly and comfortable.

    Good made even better!
    Over the telephone book for up to 100 entries, you can reach your friends and family in seconds. You need a connection even faster? No problem with the programmable speed dial buttons 2-9 of the Gigaset A415. Thanks to a caller list for missed calls and caller display (CLIP), you always know who you wanted to achieve.

    Different ringtones
    The Gigaset A415 offers a variety of ring tones and suitable for the ambient adjustable sound profiles. The integrated day/night mode and the time-controlled doorbell cut-off ensure that you even can determine when to be accessible, and the silence of the night is not unintentionally disturbed.

    The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset A415 consumes less power and is therefore more environment-friendly and relieves your wallet. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, also reduces the Gigaset A415 the transmission power dependent on the distance of the base station. By activating the ECO mode, the transmission power by 80%. Radiation-free, the Gigaset A415 in stand-by mode with activated ECO Mode Plus.


    HSP™ for brilliant sound · Phone directory sharing via DECT · Caller list for the last 20 missed calls · Adjustable handset volume settings · 20 melodies. · Automatic network provider preset · Redial List for the 20 last dialled numbers · Alarm clock · Expandable up to 4 handsets · Can be mounted on the wall


    Range: 50 m (indoors), up to 300 m (outdoors)

    This offer does not apply to resellers.

    Delivery content

    1x Gigaset A415 base station + 1x Gigaset A415 handset + 1 x PSU + 1x phone cable + 2x AAA NiMH battery (rechargeable) + 1x battery cover + 1x user manual.


    4250366836980, Gigaset, S30852-H2525-B101, A415A schwarz, A 415, cordless telephone

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