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Sygonix Electronic watchdog DD01 White incl. remote control 120 dB

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    Through-the-wall/door motion detection
    Covers 360 degrees
    Battery compartment for emergency power supply


    The electronic watchdog. Never sleeps. Always on duty.

    Who's guarding your front door when you are out and about, or after you went to bed? What about a well-trained guard dog with a hightened sense of hearing who keeps an ear out and starts barking as soon as anyone approaches your frontdoor? That's what the DD01 watchdog does. Without all the drawbacks of owning a real dog.

    Approaching intruders trigger an acoustic alarm in the form of a barking dog, or a classic sounder tone. The built-in radar sensor covers 360 degrees. The device is able to detect movement through walls made of stone, wood or PVC as long as their thickness doesn't exceed 7" (18 cm). Mean you can place the alarm right at the frontdoor. Whoever enters the detection range (applies to both humans and animals) triggers an alarm.

    The watchdog is mains-powered, with a set of batteries as a backup in the case of a power cut. (8x AA battery 1.5 V. Not included). Comes with a remote control that makes setting up the alarm easy, and features and SOS button that instantly activates the sounder.


    Adjustable volume · Alarm sounder, doorbell and barking dog settings · Battery compartment for emergency power supply · Radar sensor · Operated by remote control · SOS button.


    Electronic Watchdog · Remote control incl. battery · Power supply unit · User manual.


    Sygonix, DD01

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