Dosch & Amand DA1432P (PRO) Emergency call Red

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  • Product description


    Call for help to 3 freely selectable numbers + 1 emergency number
    Drop detection with call list (autonomous)
    Smoke alarm detection with call list (autonomous)


    The DECT emergency call transmitter DA1432 impresses with its unique range of functions, very easy start-up and operation. DA1432 is ready for operation within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge. Especially valuable are voice assistant, reliable fall detection, emergency call transmitter with voice guidance, reminder function, smoke alarm detection, call manager, which provides for safely executed call sequences.


    Timed notes (taking tablets) · Easy contact with family and friends (names instead of phone numbers) · Integrated voice assistant as daily companion (in all languages) · High audio quality and volume in hands-free mode · Operation at home-internal DECT telephone system (e.g. Fritzbox, Speedport, Panasonic, Philips, Gigaset, ....)


    N.B. All DECT handsets are also compatible with DECT hubs by other brands as long as they support GAP protocol. However, this may result in some usability options being limited.

    Range: up to 50m (indoors), up to 300m (outdoors)

    Eco DECT:
    Eco DECT technology means Gigaset cordless phones emit zero radiation in standby mode. Moreover, when using your phone, the transmitter automatically adjusts its power output to the distance between hub and handset. Means the closer you stay to the hub, the lower the radiation level.

    Delivery content

    Qi contactless loading disc||USB stick with PC app, user manual, language packs||USB cable||USB power adapter||Quick start guide.


    GAP DECT hubs


    4270000865954, Dosch & Amand, 1432.1000.04, DA1432P (PRO), landline, telephone

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