Logitech B525 HD webcam 1280 x 720 p Stand, Clip mount

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Logitech B525 HD webcam 1280 x 720 p Stand, Clip mount
Currently not available
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    HD-video conversations and recording in 720p resolution
    High-resolution snapshots with up to 8 megapixels
    Built-in microphone with RightSound


    High Definition Webcam with auto-focus for breathtaking HD-video conversations in 720p, true 2-megapixel sensor for colorful pictures with up to 8 megapixels, Flat foldable design for traveling, automatic brightness adjustment in subdued lighting, 1 Click HD uploads and universal holder. Including Logitech Vid™ HD for simple video calls.

    Logitech More HD
    Thanks to more HD compresses this webcam the video image while a call is not, so that you can enjoy your computer more efficient and permanently HD quality - even if it is a little older.

    1-click upload to Facebook
    You can easily capture HD video (720p) and with just one click on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube upload. To do this, pull out your video on the Facebook or Youtube icon in the Logitech software and store it there. That's it. For the simultaneous upload multiple photos and videos, there is even a wizard. You must be pre-only once when using your Facebook or Youtube account log in.

    Folding design with swivel function
    Thanks to the 360-degree swivel function, calls and recordings from every angle. To do this, simply turn the upper part of the Webcam continuously until the desired position is reached. Simply put it into the bag and take them with you. At the same time it serves the clever swivel and folding mechanism to your webcam space-saving design. When folded, the lens protected inside, so that you can use the webcam into your pocket.

    8-megapixel snapshots
    With the Logitech HD Webcam B525 are even high-resolution snapshots with up to 8 megapixel. (Software interpolated). A sensor with a high megapixel number alone is not a promise for good images. Therefore, it is important that, in addition to the megapixel number also on other aspects of the camera. For example. Auto-focus, automatic light or Tonkorrektur.

    Built-in microphone with RightSound
    The built-in microphone makes a headset is unnecessary. So you can e.g. relaxed with your family a video call, without a headset around rich. And if you want to talk time, undisturbed, you can use a headset optional use. Logitech has the right sound technology designed to completely eliminate the background noises and echoes. The right sound software detects the sound waves to the voice of your conversation partner, if your speakers you. As soon as this repeated sound wave from your microphone is admitted, filters the software you out so you don't sent back to the conversation partner. So, it was no echo.


    5099206030725, Logitech, 960-000842, B525, 795-0876, N/A

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