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Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black

Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
  • Manufacturer: TOLINO
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Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
Tolino EPOS eBook reader 19.8 cm (7.8 ") Black
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264,55 €
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delivery period : 3-4 days
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product specifications


New: 69% more reading area compared to a 6" eReader
Water-protection by HZO - optimum protection against water.
Leselich with Smart Light - Adjustment of color temperature daylight
300 ppi E Ink Charter™ display for high resolution typeface
8 GB memory for approximately 6000 eBooks
Practical functions: Font Settings, Dictionary, Notes, and much more.
Several weeks battery life


7.8" eReader Display: to new dimensions!
Discover maximum reading pleasure on the 7.8-inch wide display! Because the new Tolino epos shows real size and offers more space for their stories. Compared to standard 6" eReadern, the larger screen of the tolino epos over 69% more reading area. So you can enjoy even with large font sizes even more text on one side - without having to turn all too often. Of course, even fans of graphic novels and readers large-scale technical literature thanks to the high-resolution E Ink Carta™ HD
Display of the tolino epos at your expense. Particularly rich in contrast and with pin sharp image (300 ppi on 1872 x 1404), the tolino epos for a wide variety of different book formats for a "Read as on paper".

Smart Light: The best light during the day and night
The unique smart light always ensures the optimum reading light on your Tolino epic. Because the color temperature of the integrated reading light adapts automatically to changes in accordance with the natural day light of cold white light in the morning to a warm white light in the evening. Perfect for your Biorythmus - especially if you like to read before falling asleep. Of course, you can use the smart light also of your individual preferences or on the basis of ambient light: Choose between rather cool or warm light on your Tolino ebook reader. So raises smart light not only a good light on your reading, but also brings new harmony in your Reading Life with the tolino epic.

Absolute freedom to buy reading eBooks wherever you want
Tolino relies on openness and leaves your decision, in which book dealer to purchase your EBooks So you can always enjoy the complete offer of all available tolino eBook dealer. Existing EPUB and PDF eBooks you can conveniently
On the tolino epos download and read - with the tolino cloud synchronization and the tolino library link offers you this Tolino particularly practical functions.

EBooks directly download via WLAN
Top-class bestseller in seconds or up-to-date e-Book Bargains on your eReader shop? Connect the epos tolino easily at any time and anywhere with a WLAN and browse through the integrated e-book shop for new eBooks. The free access to the Telekom HotSpots in Germany (after registration with a book Dealers' Customer account) gives you quick access to the Internet.

Cozy reading hours in the bathtub.
Prepared for all eventualities, experience with the tolino epos ebook reader also in the bathtub a relaxed reading break. The Tolino epos is protected against water and can thus even out from the inside a short immersion into water. This means, the tolino epos must for up to 30 minutes 1 meters deep in fresh-water immersed. If the epos tolino so accidentally in your bathing water cases, he will do it no harm. Leave the everyday behind with the best of both worlds-gripping books connected with the comfort of an ebook reader.

Large room wonder: space for 6000 Favorite Books
Over 2 million eBooks are waiting to be read - browse around the clock in online shops the tolino booksellers and download new interesting additions directly on your ebook reader. For your personal reading treasures are available on the tolino epos much space is available. 8 GB storage space, about 6 GB for your books, give you a lot of digital storage space for your mobile e-book library. Store up to 6000 eBooks locally on the tolino epos and take your library comfortably with you when you travel.

Weeks of reading - perfect for holidays
Thanks to a battery life of several weeks, you should remember where you stored your charger - all too soon you will not need. Because the tolino epos uses when reading only little power. So if you do you going on holiday completely without socket!

This text is machine translated.


Font and font size in the eBook can be set individually · Translate words in the eBook and in the integrated dictionary to look up · With finger tip comfortably bookmarks in the eBook intermediaries · Easy markings and notes directly in the eBook note · EBooks and create their own collections · Integrated e-book shop with over 2 million eBooks · Compatible with the EBooks of public lending libraries (e.g. elibrary) · Thanks to the full-text search Search for keywords in the eBook comfortably · Screen lock with the practical number lock · Excellent tolino service online, on the phone and in the stores.

Delivery content

Tolione epos ebook reader + Easy2conncet-cable (type A USB to micro-USB, 1 m) + Quick guide + User Manual (eBook pre-installed)


4016621126230, Tolino, EPOS, eBook, ebook reader

Item number:
Manufacturer number:

technical data

Built-in illumination:
Screen size diagonal (inches):
7.8 Zoll
Display properties:
Backlit + E Ink + Touch display + Capacitive
Display resolution:
1872 x 1404 Pixel
1,000 MHz Freescale i.MX6
512 MB
Memory capacity:
8 GB
Storage media:
8 GB built-in
Micro USB + Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
140 mm
209 mm
Length (Depth):
8.2 mm
260 g
eBook reader
Product type:
eBook reader
Supported text formats:
ePUB (support for Adobe DRM) + PDF + TXT
Screen size diagonal (cm):
19.8 cm

Information provided by the manufacturer


Average customer rating

with external partners

Angenehmes Lesen mit weniger Blättern. - Der Reader läuft unter Android 4.2.2. und der Akku hält trotzdem ordentlich nach dem ersten Ladevorgang. Die Beleuchtung ist angenehm und wird gerne benutzt. Das beste Geschenk für eine Leseratte wie meine Frau. Das ist bereits das fünfte Gerät mit E-Ink, das sie besitzt und sie ist begeistert.
Leider versteht der Reader vom Werk nicht alle Formate, was eigentlich kein Problem ist, da unter Android eine beliebige App zum Darstellen von e-books installiert werden kann.

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on voelkner.de

Das Produkt hält, was es verspricht und funktioniert einwandfrei

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