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Animal repeller Gardigo Raccoon Ultrasound, Flash Operating range 200 m² 1 pc(s)

Animal repeller Gardigo Raccoon Ultrasound, Flash Operating range 200 m² 1 pc(s)
in stock
delivery period : 3-4 days
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in stock
delivery period : 3-4 days
All prices VAT included

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product specifications


Protect your home from raccoons
Integrated LED flash and frequency adjustable
Mobile usable thanks to battery operation


Raccoons are not actually native to Europe. They are therefore considered invasive species or neozoa. Animals escaped from fur farms and enclosures managed to reproduce and form stable populations. Also raccoons were partially purposefully exposed. The small bears found ideal habitats here. The population in Germany has now reached seven figures. Whether the raccoon causes damage in this country is controversial. Many experts are of the opinion that it must be fought. Therefore he is on the "list of undesirable species" of the European Union.

Problems with raccoons
Thanks to their adaptability raccoons can even penetrate into urban areas. In the city garbage cans serve as a source of food, in gardens they like to fall over fruit trees. Attics are often used by raccoons as sleeping places and are thus dirty and devastated. Many people also feed the marten-good animals. They lose their shyness towards people and can become very intrusive. Thus conflicts arise, which make it necessary to use a means against raccoons.

Waste bins, attics and other ranges, in which raccoons prepare problems, can protect you now with the raccoon defense. The device emits ultrasonic sounds, which are annoying for the raccoon in the long run. People cannot perceive ultrasound in this frequency range. Raccoons, on the other hand, hear him very well. In this way, the animals can be driven away in the long term. Our raccoon deterrent has an adjustable frequency range to prevent a habituation effect.
night a bright LED flash provides additional deterrence. Ultrasound and flash light do not harm the animals. They are merely unpleasant and serve to induce the animals to look for a more pleasant place to stay.


Integrated LED flash light - Frequency adjustable - Mobile use - Standing or wall mounting possible - Chargeable via almost any USB output - LED display

Delivery content

Raccoon - 4 Mignon batteries - USB charging cable - manual


Gardigo, 62500, Raccoon, Washable repellent, washable repellent, washable protection

Item number:
Manufacturer number:

technical data

4 x AA battery 850 mA (incl.)
Animal repeller
Suitable for:
Racoon + Marten + Fox + Squirrel + Doe + Stag + Cockroach + Boar
Working principle:
Ultrasound + Flash
Operating range:
200 m²
Detection angle:
360 °
20 - 40 kHz
27 s
Power supply:
5 V via USB
Operating temperature:
-20 toup to +50 °C
95 dB
105 mm
90 mm
Length (Depth):
65 mm
Product type:
Animal repeller

Information provided by the manufacturer


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getgoods - smart shopping
getgoods - smart shopping
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getgoods - smart shopping
getgoods - smart shopping