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Renkforce RF100 v1 3D printer

Renkforce RF100 v1 3D printer
  • Manufacturer: RENKFORCE
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  • Topseller
  • -52%
244,88 €
118,01 €
while stocks last
delivery period : 3-4 days
All prices VAT included

Everything with just one click

product specifications


All-inclusive starter package
Pre-assembled and ready-to-use
Doesn't require any technical knowledge
Over 100 Printable 3D models
Printing from USB drive and SD card - no PC required
Easy to operate via selector button and LC display
LED print chamber backlighting (white)
Operates on an open filament basis using filaments from a wide range of suppliers.


3D printer overhauled
The price advantage to new trucks is enormous. The technology complies with the new device. Professionally cleaned, tested and in new condition. Identical Right of return as in the case of new trucks - completely without risk.

All-inclusive starter kit
The RF100 v1 refurbished is delivered fully assembled and everything you need to start immediately, is already included in the delivery. RF100 v1 refurbished can be quite flexible with both the software included in delivery, as well as without a PC via the built-in LCD display operated and controlled. Moreover, it enables printing workpieces stored on a PC or laptop as well as on SD card or USB flash memory. The package includes an illustrated one-page quick guide (in German) that tells you what to do to get your printer up and running.

Get inspired
The package includes a SD card containing more than 100 print-ready 3d designs. Create your own 3d workpieces using CAD software such as DesignCAD Print. Alternatively, use a 3D scanner to turn real objects into digitial ones (scanner and software not included). And there are plenty of online specialist communities that post zillions of clever, decorative and useful 3d designs on their websites, most of them being free downloads. Whether it's elaborated flower pots, kick-ass action figures or handy storage containers when it comes to 3d printing only the sky is the limit. Get ready to be wowed.

Easy to operate
A multifunction selector button and a clear and concise menu make operating the printer dead-easy. Moreover, the included Cura software package enables a straightforward slicing and printing of your workpieces, also featuring a range of extra options when it comes to controlling the printing process.

Robust and reliable
The RF100 v1 refurbished is thanks to a structure made of aluminum and steel extremely warp resistant and robust. The use of plastic parts has been limited to a minimum, making the RF100 XL one of the most durable printers of its kind. Also ensures stable design a consistently high print quality and long life. In the construction of the RF100 v1 refurbished was also particularly on the issue of sustainability. This is why the printer comes with biodegradabkle PLA filament and a range of spare parts, to increase durability and eco-friendliness.

You are in charge
The print chamber has been designed for object sizes of up to 120 x 120 x 120 mm and comes with white LED illumination. Means you can keep an eye on all aspects of the printing process. A magnetic lock keeps the glass hot bed in place. This means the bed can be detached after printing which makes retrieving the finished workpiece easy. A newly developed adhesive film coating makes sure the workpiece stays in place. This ensures top-quality printing. And the included set of tools helps detach workpieces from the bed after completion.

Easy-to-use software
The SD card contains more than 100 print-ready 3d designs. The included Cura software package makes printing your own designs straightforward.
The procedure is as easy as it gets. Start Cura, choose the design you want to print, and select the appropriate settings, such as print speed and print quality. You can also move, rotate or change the size of the workpiece. Then leave it to Cura to create the print-ready file format (.gcode). Save the file on a USB flash drive or a SD card if you don't want to use a PC to operate the printer. It's as easy as it gets.

Using different filaments keeps things interesting.
The material 3d printed workpieces are made of is supplied in the form of filaments. Filaments are basiclally consumables. The RF100 v1 refurbished can process a wide range of filaments. Besides standard PLA, these include PLA compound (i.e. PLA mixed with another type of material that detemines the workpiece properties) filaments. In this way, the RF100 v1 refurbished, for example, PLA compounds process, the wood fibers or metal parts, such as aluminum, copper and brass were mixed. The Wood filament thus has, for example, a wooden finish and smells through the fiber share even after fresh wood. Moreover, changing the print temperature renders the workpiece colour either lighter or darker which enables creating some pretty neat finishes such as annual growth rings. Also, PLA compounds include materials that glow in the dark, or change colour according to ambient temperature. In addition, the processing of elastic filament is possible.
The RF100 v1 refurbished has an open filament system. allowing you to use 1.75 mm filaments from a wide range of suppliers. For top results we recommend using renkforce filaments. Included in the delivery, there are already three 50g PLA filaments from Renkforce in random choice of color.

Start now
Let yourself be with the RF100 v1 refurbished and the limitless possibilities of 3D printing inspired. What are you still waiting for?

This text is machine translated.

What exactly does "refurbished" mean?
Based on 3D printer, it means environmentally friendly, professional repair and cleaning of used hardware. All data have been erased following DIN-certified procedures.

Why choose a pre-owned product?
With our professionally processed 3D printers, you have the option to buy cheap brand devices above average. They also come with a 1-year warranty. If you're unhappy with the purchased product, you can return the item(s) within 14 days of the purchase date. No questions asked.

Batteries not included. Please order separately.
* Some materials is the polycarbonate enclosure is highly recommended.

The operating instructions are instructions of the Renkforce RF100 v1.

Delivery content

RF100 v1 refurbished 3D printer, ready mounted + 3 x 50 g PLA Random color selection + Spatula and tweezers + Pressure plate with adhesive foil + SD card with over 100 printable models (8 GB) + USB cable + Power cord + Quick start instructions


Renkforce, RF-3783270, RF100 v1

Item number:
Manufacturer number:

technical data

3D printer
Supported printing supplies:
PLA + PLA Compounds
Max. printing width (X):
100 mm
Max. printing height (Y):
100 mm
Printing depth (Z) max.:
100 mm
Printing pad features:
Exchangeable + Magnetic
Extruder type:
Suitable for filament Ø:
1.75 mm
Nozzle Ø:
0.4 mm
Printed layer thickness (min.):
0.1 mm
Printed layer thickness (max.):
0.2 mm
SD card slot:
Case material:
295 mm
331 mm
Length (Depth):
351 mm
9 kg
Power consumption (max.):
60 W
Printing height (Z):
100 mm - 150 mm
The product shows some slight imperfections in the form of scratches or small dents. However, these imperfections do not affect product functionality. Products in above condition come with a 12-month warranty.
Operating voltage:
230 V/AC
Product condition:
Refurbished (good)
Product type:
3D printer

Information provided by the manufacturer


Average customer rating

Advantages: geringe Vorarbeit für den 3D-Druck, wenig Nacharbeit, preisgünstiges Filament in vielerlei Optik, neben PLA auch TPU und PETG verwendbar, Druck ohne PC, Drucker ist direkt konfigurierbar, Ersatzteile noch verfügbar, braucht wenig Platz, kaum Geräusch- oder Geruchsbelästigung

Disadvantages: nur wenige Materialien druckbar, Bauraum begrenzt, druckt nach Stromausfall das Objekt nicht weiter

Habe mich aufgrund des günstigen Preises kurzfristig zum Kauf entschlossen und ihn nicht bereut. Nach der Einstellprozedur wie in der beiliegenden Kurzanleitung beschrieben hat der Drucker seinen ersten Druck in sehr guter Qualität geliefert - das RF100 Emblem von der Speicherkarte. Praktisch auch, dass man ohne PC von der Speicherkarte drucken kann, da kann ich den Drucker in der Werkstatt laufen lassen, wo kein PC steht. Mein größtes Druckobjekt ist zur Zeit über 13 cm lang und schmal, so dass ich es mit der mitgelieferten Software Cura diagonal platzieren und so auch noch drucken kann, alle anderen Objekte sind kleiner. Nur das Material PLA ist nicht für alles geeignet, deshalb werde ich gleich noch PETG-Filament bestellen und auf diesem Drucker testen. Die Ersatz-Haftfolie von Renkforce (30x30cm, für 4 Einzelfolien) wurde dafür verschiedentlich in Internetforen empfohlen, so dass ich da guter Hoffnung bin. Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Gerät. Ich habe bereits jahrelang auf einem SD300Pro von Solido (nicht mehr im Handel) mit einem Bauraum in etwa A4-Größe und 20 cm Höhe gedruckt (klebt PVC-Folien schichtweise übereinander und ritzt die Konturen vor, überschüssige Folie muss hinterher zeitaufwendig entfernt werden).

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