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USBPassword managerstickRenkforcePM-01 - Forget those passwords

USBPassword managerstickRenkforcePM-01 - Forget those passwords
  • Manufacturer: RENKFORCE
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in stock
delivery period : 3-4 days
All prices VAT included

Everything with just one click

product specifications


Saves login detail for 100 webpages
State-of-the encryption prevents unauthorized access
Notepad for up to 150 characters
Automatic logout when you are away from your desk
Data protection using a USB stick


No need to remember zillions of usernames or passwords
Save usernames and passwords for up to 100 webpages. State-of-the-art encryption standards (AES 256, SEED 256, ARIA) protect login details from unauthorised (hardware) access. Protected by a master password (6 to 120 chars), login data for the nominated websites are autocompleted without being stored on the clipboard or cached by browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox.

Use specific and complex passwords
These days, hackers are a constat threat for both businesses and households. Germany's Federal Offie for Information Security recommends to change you passwords on a regluar basis, and to choose passwords consisiting of as many different characters including numbers and special characters as possible. Equally important: using a different password for each account (Conrad, Amamzon, eBay, Elster, company login). Here's the catch: no one can remember zillions of highly complex passwords. Until now. Enter the Renkforce password manager handles complex passwords that consist of up to 120 characters. This boosts the safety of both company accounts as well as your personal Conrad account significantly.

High-security 2-stage authorization
Whenever activated, the stick executes a short subroutine. Accessing your data requires all three elements, namely the plug-in, your master password and the stick.

Notepad function
Moreover, the Renkforce password manager protects other sensitive information such as serial numbers, access details, PINs, or ganny's secret rhubarb muffin recipe. The stick comes with a notepad function that stores text content. You've got 150 characters.

Stick gone AWOL?
Lost the stick? Don't worry. Typing in an incorrect master password more than six times renders the stick unusable.

Cross-platform use. You got all the passwords when you need them.
As the necessary plug-in is stored on the stick, the password manager is transferable from your desktop PC to your laptop if you are travelling.

Automatic logout
If you are away from your desk for a couple of minutes, the password manager automatically logs off the webpage you are visting at the moment. Means nobody can steal your data. Moreover, you can choose the inactivity period that triggers the logout.

Plug & Play - it's as simple as that
Plug & Play means no installation required. The application is a part of the password manager. Just run it.

Hand-over processes made easy
Sharing stick and password facilitates handing over login details for multiple webpages, for instance, when people are leaving or project management is changing.

Safety backup
Creating a backup of your profile doesn't take long and enables accessing your data using a renkforce replacement password manager if things go belly up.


Supports Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Fierfox, QQ
Encryption standards: AES 256, SEED 256, ARIA
Auto login
Backup function
Plug & Play - no software required
Password length: Master PW 6-120 chars, webpage PW 120 chars, individual account notepad 150 chars, user names 300 chars

Right to cancel does not apply to unsealed product as stick and password are linked.

Delivery content

Password manager including software + USB slot cap + User manual.


Windows 7 onwards + Up-to-date software version 1.0 + Up-to-date firmware version 1.7


Renkforce, RF-4781892, PM-01, password manager, no more forgetting passwords, mykey

Item number:
Manufacturer number:

technical data

Storage capacity: 2MB
Encryption: AES 256, SEED 256, ARIA Security Hardware Engine
Password manager
Range of uses:
Password protection
USB 2.0
13 g
78.9 mm
14 mm
Length (Depth):
26.3 mm
Product type:
Password manager

Information provided by the manufacturer


Average customer rating

Advantages: Weissnicht

Disadvantages: Geht nicht mit Kaspersky

Funktioniert leider nicht mit Kasperky!!!!!! Daher werde ich ihn wohl zurückschicken!!

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with external partners

No detailed review available

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with external partners

Nicht verwendbar - Den ersten Passwortmanager musste ich umtauschen, da er nach einem Update nicht mehr funktionsfähig war. Den umgetauschten PM habe ich ebenfalls wieder zurückgegeben, da die Arbeitsweise, die laut Bedienungsanleitung ausführbar sein müsste, einfach nicht realisiert werden konnte. Auf meinem Computer ist Windows10 Pro installiert.

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with external partners

Tut fast Alles, was auch in der Beschreibung steht - Nie mehr Passwörter merken wäre schön, aber.... Erstens arbeitet er nicht mit allen Browsern zusammen und wer Edge nutzen möchte, steht leider im Regen. Zweitens gilt die Passwort Automatik NUR für Fenster, die in einem Browser nach Passwort-Eingabe verlangen. Programme, die solche Eingaben erfordern und NICHT im Browser laufen wie zum Beispiel Steuerprogramme oder eventuell Datenbanken, bleiben außen vor. Also doch immer noch Passworte merken :-(

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with external partners

Alles rotscher keine negative

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